Goalscape testimonials from industry leaders, technology experts, goals gurus and Olympic Gold Medallists:

“I used your software, awesome! Thank you for helping me achieve Olympic Gold!”
Lijia Xu – Olympic Gold Medallist and World Champion in the Laser Radial, Rolex World Sailor of the Year 2012
Goalscape is a fantastic tool
“Goalscape is a fantastic tool: it is really easy to use, very fast and impressively flexible — and the export functions are great. Software experts here have been impressed by the amazing clarity of the UI, allowing 'out of the box' thinking.”
Eugen Welte – CEO, Airbus India
It is very easy to use
“We used Goalscape to plan out all the details for every part of our 2012 49er Olympic Campaign. It is very easy to use and clearly showed our progress in every area as we worked towards our final goal of Olympic Gold.”
Nathan Outteridge – Olympic Gold Medallist and four times World Champion in the 49er Class
So easy to use it feels like cheating
“My company just bought me a copy of Goalscape. So easy to use it feels like cheating. Amazing tool for any game producer!”
Matt Newman – Developer, Piranha Games (Need For Speed: Underground and Duke Nuke 'Em Forever)
Define and achieve worthwhile goals
“Goalscape enables organisations to define and achieve worthwhile goals while sharing them with the entire team”
Steve Cotterell – Technical Editor at Project Manager Today magazine
The future of mind mapping
“Goalscape is the future of mind mapping!”
Pierre Mongin – Mind mapping guru and author
Exceptional customer support
“Customer support is exceptional - there is passion for all customers. Goalscape has clear user instructions and great 'how-to' video clips.”
Alec Dorling – Principal, Impronova AB
Unique and very valuable
“At Roland we use Goalscape for our entire strategy: our high-level goals cascade down to define specific projects and plans in every business area. The facility to do this visually and share it online makes Goalscape a unique and very valuable business tool.”
Tim Walter – Managing Director, Roland (UK) Limited
I immediately bought it
“When one of our User Experience experts showed me Goalscape I found it so compatible with the way I work that I immediately bought it myself. Within a week I became quite addicted to it and I am now recommending it to all our consultants in Germany.”
Konstantin Prokopiu – Senior Technical Architect, Adobe Systems GmbH
The perfect coaching tool
“The BASS course leaders defined a coaching template in Goalscape Connect, which forms the basis for all communication about their goals, progress and any problems. Goalscape is the perfect coaching tool and a superb reflection of our high quality program.”
James Lamb – Director, British Alpine Ski & Snowboard School, Morzine
It is so simple and logical
“For me, Goalscape's greatest strength is that it is so simple and logical – yet very powerful. Impressive stuff.”
James Wilcox – Enterprise IT Manager, Ericsson Australia Pty Ltd
It really engages students
“We use Goalscape Connect to capture and communicate all our courses. We plan lessons, attach worksheets and lecture notes, then share them with students online. This is extremely quick and efficient; and it really engages the students emotionally as well as intellectually.”
Roberto Rinaldi – Lecturer, Edinburgh's Telford College
Goalscape is a brilliant tool!
“Goalscape is a brilliant tool! Goals are our most powerful motivators and Goalscape is the best way to communicate about goals and how to achieve them. It shows our priorities and progress in every area, keeping us on track and providing a focus for every training session.”
Paul Brotherton – Olympic Gold Medal and World Champion coach, Yngling Class
We share our goals and plans on Goalscape Connect
“We use Goalscape Connect to share our mission statement, our specific goals in each area and our plans to achieve them. As they work, Wesport officers track their performance and record their progress through the goal structure. We have published all this information as a public goalscape so anyone can view it: just click the screenshot on this page.”
Richard Barrington – Chief Operating Officer, West of England Sport Trust
Focusing on what is most important
“Goalscape is the best way to capture and communicate complex information about business and personal goals. It helps me to be more effective by focusing on what is most important at any point.”
Andrew Mercer – Founder, Footdown Limited
Goalscape is the answer
“I have long been looking for a goal tracking program that allows me to see the overall picture. Goalscape is the answer: it is the simplest, most versatile goal management tool I have ever seen.”
James W Owens – CEO, Enterprise Vending Inc
It is a marvellous tool
“Goalscape is a marvellous tool that helps me communicate goal focused programs with my athletes. Simple to use and really effective for time management.”
Harvey Hillary – National Racing Coach, Royal Yachting Association
Really simple and powerful
“Goalscape is a great product: its graphical model focuses on actions, priorities and progress in a really simple and powerful way.”
Richard Lloyd – Owner, Transforming People Limited
I am recommending Goalscape
“As a psychotherapist there is no better way to communicate values and goals. I am recommending Goalscape to all my clients.”
Joachim Boßler – Psychotherapist, Munich Institute for Psychotherapy
It forces me to make hard choices
“What I really like about Goalscape is that it forces me to make hard choices. It makes me concentrate on what I really must do – and helps me to work out what else I can fit in.”
John McKenna – Commercial Director, OC Group