Goal Setting Guide and Features

Goalscape - Goal Achievement Features

Find out about Goalscape features, watch tutorials and learn more about our visual goal management software.

Fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS X


Visually create goal structures, assign priorities, record

and track progress


Define your goals

Define goals quickly and break them down into a hierarchy of subgoals. Goalscape can accommodate extremely large and complex models.

Watch the tutorial video.


Drag and drop goals

Rearrange your structure quickly: use drag and drop to move goals around to stay in step with evolving strategies and changing plans.

Watch the tutorial video.


Display priorities visually

Set relative importance: use the slider control or by drag the border to resize a subgoal – all its neighbors resize automatically. Lock subgoals to fix their importance.

Watch the tutorial video.


Record and track progress

Record your progress visually and watch it advance. Goalscape automatically reflects aggregate progress of subgoals upwards into their parents.

Watch the tutorial video.


Use a template

Goalscape starts up with a 'Get started with Goalscape' user guide, which contains templates for some common uses of Goalscape. There are more templates on our Template Gallery.


Record and update detailed information


Timescales and scheduling

Set start and end dates to enforce scheduling: Goalscape automatically checks that timescales for all subgoals lie between their parents’ start and end dates.


User-defined text fields

Create and name your own new text fields.


Responsibility and Tags

Assign responsibilities or apply tags to subgoal areas and individual tasks.

Watch the tutorial video.


Knowledge management

Capture know-how in an elegant, easily comprehensible format. If you have valuable expertise or a solution to a common problem could even sell your goalscapes!

Highlight sidebar

Search graphically

Highlight goals by selected Date, Responsibility and Tag.

Watch the tutorial video.


Fill in the background

Capture additional information as notes text (including hyperlinks) and attach files in any format: documents, spreadsheets, images or even video.


Export and import


Create and save images

Export a snapshot of the goal map in PNG or JPG format – ideal for inclusion in web pages, presentations or other external documents.


Save subgoals separately

Save certain subgoal areas as standalone goalscapes, update them independently and copy them back into the full goalscape.

Report Preview screen

Export reports in various formats

Export your Goalscape data in PDF, DOCX, XLSX, HTML and other formats. Use the Report Preview screen to pre-edit PDFs and image exports.

Goal Edit menu

Move goals between goalscapes

Use Goal Edit buttons to Cut (or Copy) a goal and Paste it into a different goalscape.


Change views and languages - see what you need to see


Focus view

Use focus view to “zoom in” on a subgoal at any level to show it at the center of its own goal map. The miniature of the full goal map shows the overall context.

Watch the tutorial video.


Collapse levels

Concentrate on your primary high-level goals by collapsing levels to hide the details.

Watch the tutorial video.


Color-code your goals

Apply colored borders to individual goals, subgoal areas or entire sectors. You can also apply red, amber or green ‘traffic light’ dots to indicate urgency.

Preferences screen

Languages, themes
 and settings

Use the Preferences screen to select different languages: English (US or UK), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Slovak and Czech. You can also choose your own color scheme and apply a logo, or change autosave intervals and alarm settings.


Presentation mode

For smarter presentations there is a ‘fullscreen’ view with the menu bars stripped out and a pared-down Panel. You can also show images directly from the Attachments tab.


Adjust panel width

Drag and drop the border if you need a wider panel to display formatted text.


Work as you always do – no compromises


Easy adoption - no training required

Unique intuitive interface with infopoint videos and tooltips on all major functions for quick, painless learning.

Right-click context menu

Hotkey shortcuts

Common keyboard shortcuts and extensive right-click functionality



Finds text in responsibility, goal names, notes text and attachment filenames. Search now finds text in goals not in the current view, it finds it in other open goalscapes too.


Browser-style operation

Use tabs to switch between open goalscapes; click '+' to open a new blank one.

Help and support

Full help and support

Comprehensive online help package, simple tutorial videos and customer support site with forum, latest known issues list and contact email facility.


Intelligent undo function

Powerful undo and redo of all data and view changes back to initial file state on opening, regardless of any intermediate navigation and saves.


Navigation options

Navigate around your goal map using a mouse or the cursor arrow keys.


Recent and last-open files

Access Recent goalscapes quickly. When you start Goalscape it automatically opens all the goalscapes that were open when you quit.


Easy to install and activate

Smooth download and install process for the initial free trial. Purchase is hassle-free and activation is very quick.


Seamless automated updates

You will receive notifications of updates whenever they are available: install them at the touch of a button.


No idle time

Goalscape always starts up fast: there is no waiting for components to load. When you are on the move it is ready to use almost as soon as you switch on your computer.