Goalscape Patent Approved

We are delighted to announce that on July 14, 2015 we received formal approval of our application for a patent on the Goalscape goal map format and software, under Patent No. US 9,082,316 B2.

Without going too deeply into the technical definitions, this patent acknowledges Goalscape Software GmbH's ownership of the multi-level pie chart to display the subgoals required to achieve a goal, with the size of each subgoal slice representing its relative importance and shading representing progress; together with a method, a system and a computer program to develop a strategy and manage resources. And of course Goalscape can be used to represent any information structure in a strict hierarchy!

This has been a long process: we filed the original application nearly 8 years ago and we are very grateful for the excellent recent input from our New York patent attorney Bill Botjer in bringing this to a successful conclusion.

While this represents a significant legal protection, the real acknowledgement of the value of Goalscape is in the fact that we just passed another milestone: 15,000 Goalscape users, with sales still accelerating. This means that our unique format and the functionality in the Goalscape software are spreading rapidly among individuals and organizations all over the world.

Thanks to all at Goalscape Software GmbH – and to all our customers! 

New Goalscape Review

Splendid review of Goalscape on GetApp by Terry Yelmene:

GetApp Reviewer Terry Yelmene


Test Drive Goalscape Mobile now!

We are very happy to announce the long-awaited release of our new Goalscape Mobile app on iOS and Android.

Goalscape Mobile screen



This app is a companion to our web application Goalscape Connect, so you need a valid Goalscape Connect account to use it: you can register for the free trial here. If you have an expired trial or lapsed subscription, please email support [at] goalscape [dot] com (subject: Goalscape%20Mobile%20request) to request an extension. 

Check it out now:

Test Drive Goalscape Mobile now!      Test Drive Goalscape Mobile now!


You will find the app very easy to use — especially if you are familiar with the Goalscape approach and hierarchical goal structure. Watch this video for a quick intro.

Let us know what you think!

Scale up agile methods for large projects

The German consulting firm bps  (business process solutions GmbH, Hamburg) uses Goalscape to extend their proven agile project management method for large scale projects. The process, codenamed "Project Turtle", marries classic project management practices with 21st century teamwork. Project Turtle improves motivation, increases team- and stakeholder buy-in, clarifies responsibilities and, above all, fosters outcome-oriented decision-making.

Scale up agile methods for large projects                   Scale up agile methods for large projects

To learn more, download the whitepaper here or flyer here. We have teamed up with bps to support and advise project teams directly in their own project environment, using Goalscape Enterprise.

To request a free evaluation session with a bps project expert to evaluate the benefits for your business, email goalscape [at] bps [dot] de (goalscape [at] bps [dot] de) or call +49 (0)40-3199222-0.




Major Update and New Product Launch

Major Update and 
New Product Launch

New features in Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Connect version 2.7.2:

  • Goal Panel can be hidden completely
  • Custom Notes fields can be reordered
  • Tag column in XLSX and CSV exports
  • PDF and DOCX exports show the project name on the title page
  • New languages supported: Russian and Polish

Extra new features in Goalscape Connect:

  • Performance enhancements, including shorter project load time on sign-in and refresh
  • New Home tab: more functionality – and it opens in the same browser tab
  • Show/hide the online collaborator list
  • Attachment downloads are no longer browser-dependent
  • Resize Share screen (to display long email addresses)

This Update also includes some important fixes: full details are in the Release Notes.

If you have any trouble installing the Goalscape Desktop updates, just go to our
Download page and follow the Steps.

Now here is the big news:
Goalscape Enterprise is out!

Major Update and New Product Launch

Goalscape Enterprise is the ideal solution for organizations that want to use the Goalscape Connect collaboration features with the highest possible data security. It also includes some additional benefits, like a Gantt chart view and more flexible sharing rights.

Goalscape Enterprise can be implemented as a SaaS application on a private cloud (minimum 10 users) or installed on a corporate intranet (minimum 50 users). For more information contact purchase [at] goalscape [dot] com (subject: Goalscape%20Enterprise) (purchase [at] goalscape [dot] com).

Keep achieving great goals!

The Goalscape team


High Performance Strategy Definition

Emmett Lazich
49er Class National Coach for the Australian Sailing Team
Development Director at Goalscape Software


Hypothetical Example

OK Goalsetters, here is my follow-up post outlining a simple process for defining a high level strategy plan for achieving your sporting goals. Of course this uses Goalscape to represent visually the goal structure, priorities and progress.

The underlying method here (the first 3 steps) is not my idea; neither is it a new or revolutionary idea. In 2010 I first heard this method explained clearly and simply by Bill Sweetenham, a well respected Australian coach and mentor.
You can apply this method on your own for your solo projects; and in discussions with your team for shared projects.
  1. Define your next major goal. Come up with a brief, inspirational expression for it. 

    Write this as the main (center) goal in a new Goalscape project.
  2. Take some time to define the "essential ingredients" for your main goal. These are the subgoals that you need to achieve in order to reach your main goal – and they are directly related to your performance. You should have between 5 and 7 essentials. Sporting examples include: physical skills, mental skills, knowledge, personal relationships, equipment possession, equipment tuning, physical conditioning.

    Enter these in your Goalscape project as the "level 1" subgoals surrounding your main goal. 
  3. Next seriously ask yourself:
    a. What are the real costs of these essentials? Money, time, external help, sacrifices in other areas of your life, etc.
    b. Are your essentials fully in your control? If not, then go back to step 2 and redefine your essentials.
    c. Are you willing to “pay for” these essentials? If not, then your main goal cannot be attained. So revisit step 1 and try again.
  4. If you make it past step 3, you have the beginning of an executable high level strategy to achieve your main goal. So you can go ahead and define subgoals for your essentials. Define as many subgoals and outer levels as you want, but don't have more than 9 essentials surrounding your main goal – in fact, beyond 7 essentials you can start to lose focus, direction and productivity.
  5. Next you will want to assign the relative importance of your essentials, and their subgoals. Importance is simply how much you think a goal contributes to a higher goal.  Goalscape makes this real easy. Just click on a goal and drag its arc-width to whatever you think looks correct!
Avoid the temptation to clutter your master strategy plan with operational details like logistics.  You can supplement your high level strategy goalscape with other software tools for budgeting, task management, etc.  Concentrate on your performance, in the moment, in your competitive environment.
As time rolls on, you might refine your essentials by gradually reorganising your subgoal structure.  That's fine: just keep it simple.  The overview should be immediately apparent from a glance at the main goal and two goal levels around it.  You’ll know when you have a good plan because you’ll stop reorganising it: it just fits. And you’ll feel great because you now have clear direction and purpose.  
When you are building and reviewing your project you can combat complexity by using Goalscape's abilities to focus the view on any subgoal, or hide the detail in outer goals.  
To make a searchable plan, use the Notes field in each goal to include all the key information.  You can add further detail by attaching files in any format, including images and video.  Or assign people or context tags to any goal.
For team working, Goalscape usage becomes really cool and seriously useful. Upload your high level strategy info Goalscape Connect. Share it to your collaborators. Write chat comments on any goal, and optionally notify others by email. Suddenly you'll find your team is working toward a common agreed goal. You can increase progress made on outer subgoals and visually see the difference.
In my previous blog post I wrote that I gravitate toward a clean visual structure. So it should come as no surprise that I find it very frustrating indeed when I see a team of people debating over various solutions without first defining and agreeing upon the problem to be solved.  Diligent use of Goalscape can eliminate all of this frustration. Problem definition is often easy, but too often incorrectly assumed or skipped!
PS. Goalscape v2.7 is finally being released this weekend. Some great improvements to both the desktop and web apps. Lots of work went into it. Hope you like it as much as we do!

Gold Using Goalscape

Emmett Lazich
49er Class National Coach for the Australian Sailing Team
Development Director at Goalscape Software


Sydney 2000 was the first time I coached Olympic Gold Medal winning athletes. Thomas Johanson and Jyrki Järvi from Finland won the 49er class event by a large margin. Back in 2000, I only started working with those boys a few months before the Games. Immediately after it was over, I reflected on what happened and considered what it would take for anyone to reproduce that glorious result.

Raw talent is a huge advantage in this sport; but victory in Olympic sailing requires much more. Imagine a competitive environment where the field of play is more dynamic and less predictable than your 25 other human opponents. You and your partner are both piloting your craft: one person steers, while the other works the engine throttle. If you do not coordinate your body movements perfectly for any change in direction or speed, you will slow down or even crash.

Even when you make all the right movements and decisions, if you are inaccurate with the speed settings for your craft (initial set-up and adjustments during the race), then you certainly ain't winning anything on the big stage.

ESP 2010

So proper preparation takes a lot of effort and attention to detail; and this is not just a matter of ‘checking all the boxes’. Actually I don’t believe it is possible to check all the boxes in sailing, since there are far too many uncontrollables. Yet we certainly need some methodical way to create order out of possible chaos.

So as a rookie coach in September 2000, I knew that a lot of ingredients had fallen into place. I felt very fortunate to be a part of Thomas and Jyrki’s victory.

Bottom marks 2010

I started coaching Nathan Outteridge in 2006; and from 2007 I was also working on what became the first truly solid version of Goalscape.

In January 2008, Nathan and crew Ben Austin won the 49er World Championship. Then they came ever so close to winning Gold in the Beijing China Olympics. People who compete at top level in annual sporting events probably cannot truly comprehend the disappointment we felt, knowing both the years we put in and that we had to work for another 4 years to have another crack at it.  We came away from that losing experience much stronger and much wiser.

In August 2012, Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen from Australia won the 49er class Olympic Gold medal. Again by a large margin. And in the four years before the Games they had won 3 World Championships (they were 2nd in the other one). For me as their coach this was a totally different mission and journey. 

Drop gybe 2010

In early 2009, Nathan teamed up with Iain. For the following 3½ years, our every plan, action and thought was considered in the context of the London 2012 event.  This is where Goalscape came to my personal rescue. 

Firstly, Goalscape allows me to define clear, simple philosophies and strategies that enable me to stay focused and do all the important things.

Secondly, everything significant that I must know or do is stored in a Goalscape. Everything, in every different area in which we need to excel.

Information overload is a big problem in this job. Goalscape helps me stay on top of this: It is my visual index to knowledge, data, history and essential performance related ingredients.

I cannot show you a real example of our campaign strategy goalscapes because they are private and valuable intellectual property. Instead here is an example goalscape that I use to help guide myself when I need to make tough decisions.  In the next week or two, I shall post a followup blog outlining the simple process for creating a sport strategy goalscape.

EL. Coaching Philosophies

In 2009, the online project sharing function of Goalscape was not ready, yet I desperately needed to share certain Goalscape projects with Nathan and Iain. The obvious solution was for me to use Goalscape on their behalf.  I produced simple goal map views to help them to be effective at dealing with the present, while maintaining awareness of where they want to go.  For the remainder of the campaign, we continued to operate like this: using Goalscape for our high level performance strategy and for tracking every little milestone in the 4 year Olympic cycle.  Below is a goalscape from Marcus showing progress made for one category of skills.


MB. Boat Handling with progress

When using a Goalscape view (of our high level strategy) as the basis for periodic performance review meetings with team management and support staff, a pleasant surprise was how brief and happy these meetings were. We could complete our reviews in 45 minutes, while other teams typically needed 2 or 3 hours. Follow-up work was quicker and easier too. During the session I'd update the relevant goalscape or goal, so the write-up was done instantly and everybody left the meeting knowing what they had to do next.

After these meetings, I was occasionally told how highly organised we were. That was such a lovely compliment considering that using Goalscape felt like taking an easy shortcut.

Not all data or problems fit right into the Goalscape format. I still make very extensive use of spreadsheets to store and crunch numbers for quantitative work. And for short and/or sequential presentations, slides work just fine.

I gravitate toward a clean visual structure. It is my primary learning style for understanding, remembering and communicating complex information.  Obviously not everything is hierarchical; after using Goalscape for a while though, it's surprising how often a hierarchical structure does fit.

Today I'm making more use of Goalscape for presentations. I find it works well when the subjected being taught is too big and/or the discussions too dynamic for a set of sequential slides. With Goalscape I'm better equiped to let audience feedback drive the session more, so I focus better on what people want to learn. 

Goalscape is still evolving. We are working on usability and presentation enhancements, easier sharing of goals with new users and accessing goals on tablets and other mobile devices. All of these changes will increase Goalscape’s value – and of course cement it as a key component in my coaching workflow.

Time for the next challenge

Goalscape adopted by ISAF

International Sailing Federation (ISAF) announces Goalscape Software as Performance Partner under the Connect To Sailing initiative!


ISAF Goalscape logo


As an ISAF Connect to Sailing Partner, Goalscape is delivering the software and templates for the Learn to Sail Training Programme. This will help coaches and sailors to understand and communicate about the exercises and performance levels required at every stage of their training.

The package will be rolled out through ISAF's Member National Authorities, their Coaches and the ISAF team of Nominated Experts. In addition, Goalscape Software will pay more than 30% of all revenue from sales through ISAF directly to Connect to Sailing to foster the development of strong grass roots sailing globally.

Full story on the ISAF website here:


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We are using social media for smaller news items and for informal communications.  You can follow @goalscape on Twitter and Like our Facebook page, then you can find out what we are up to next, see how other people are using Goalscape and post your own messages.

Facebook page screenshot


Enjoy the journey!

Goalscape Video Competition

Win an amazing "money can't buy" experience and a year's Goalscape Connect subscription

We are looking for short videos (about 90 seconds) of our customers demonstrating how they use Goalscape. The best ones will appear on our website and will earn their authors a FREE 1-year Goalscape Connect subscription.

There are
a couple of examples here: Video 1, Video 2.

The author of the best video will also win a "money can't buy" prize: an expenses-paid trip to a 2012 world cup sailing event*, including a ride with world-class sailing coach (and Goalscape co-founder) Emmett Lazich.

Goalscape Video Competition

How to enter
Create a 90-second video showing how you use Goalscape.** It can be about anything: life goals, business projects, sports campaigns... or even how you organize your social activities!

Take our Survey
You can also win a 6-month subscription to Goalscape Connect simply by taking our 3-question survey. This is your chance to let us know what you think of Goalscape - and to have your say about how we should improve it. All respondents will be put into a draw and we will randomly select five winners.


All winners will be notified by direct email and we will publish their names in our next Newsletter.

We look forward to hearing from you!


*Continental travel and 4-Star hotel accommodation will be covered by us.

**Just use screencast-o-matic (it's free!); or you can try Camtasia or Screenflow (Mac only). Please upload your video to YouTube (or any other video-sharing site), make your video public and send the link to support [at] goalscape [dot] com (subject: Video%20Competition) (support [at] goalscape [dot] com), with 'Video Competition' as the Subject.


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